Obsession for Me

I fell asleep with the new Coheed and Cambria song playing on repeat last night. It’s a 6 minute song and I slept for about 8 hours so I heard it right around 80 times in my sleep. I’ll tell you what; I hate that bitch now.

In other news JoLynn and Courtney came over last night and decorated my place for the big white trash extravaganza this weekend. So now I just have to make sure I have no guests over before Saturday cause that would be pretty damn embarassing.
We also made piles and piles of Jello shots, as per protocol. Courtney and JoLynn made the “good” shots. Lots of colors, and liquors and flavors. I made my standard death shots with vodka but this time, just to spice it up a little I replaced one cup of the vodka with Blue Curaco; so maybe they won’t be as awful as usual.

Afterwards I was able to (easily) convince them we needed prezels and beer from 75th Street so we went there and teased Adam from afar. Good times.

One thought on “Obsession for Me”

  1. Jason! Your links list grows by the day! You’ve got so many friends it’s awesome.

    It’s the little things and the lazy days that make it all worthwhile. Especially since I got a coupon for 50% off the next pretzel.

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