Thanks Ma Nature

So, der White Stripes were pretty great. We got basically the most perfect night you could possibly ask for to see an outdoor show and it was awesome. The show was at Starlight Theater which is a large outdoor ampitheater type thing in Swope Park, near the Kansas City Zoo. They generally do plays there with a few concerts a year to break up the monotony.

It’s a shame they don’t have more shows there. It’s a really nice place with lots of room and incredibly, abnormally polite employees. And man, you should see the bathrooms. Incredible! When you go to as many shows as I do you learn to appreciate a nice bathroom and Starlight so far takes the cake.

So, yea, White Stripes. Our seats weren’t great but the sound was and we could see the band so that was okay. They played really well and were lots of fun to listen to. They didn’t play “Fell In Love With a Girl” which made me sad but they played pretty much everything else I know. They played Union Forever, which is probably my favorite but somehow I missed the chorus, or the bridge, or break or something. Where he says “Union Forever”. So that sucked.

We kicked it pretty hard at the show and when you kick it like that you gotta have something to eat before bed. The fact that Town Topic is like 25 miles away is no deterrent. Hashbrowns, pancakes, coffee and the runniest eggs I’ve ever seen filled our bellys and the crowd and staff, as usual, filled our ears. Cheryl, who I now think of as “our” Town Topic waitress, was in a much better mood than last time and told us all kinds of horrifying stories.

So that was basically that. Nice way to spend a Tuesday night. I was in bed by 2:30am, which ain’t bad for that much fun.

In other news, yesterday I moved my mouse to the left side of my keyboard (as I mentioned) and it seems to have helped dramatically. The pain in my wrist and index finger is gone and the middle finger feels a lot better. I’d say I’m working at about 30% normal speed, but that’s better than the 0% I’ll end up at if I don’t change something. It’ll get faster with time.