I’m a Crook!

For lunch today I decided to swing by Hen House and pick up some Coldplay tickets for next week’s show. So I did that and since I was there I walked over to the place where they have home cookin’ type food and I got some chicken tenders and some mac and cheese. I went home and enjoyed it. Very good. This is important later.

So a few minutes ago I am sitting at my desk and my thought process goes like this:
1. I think I’ll walk down to the vending machines and get a snack.
2. Shit, I don’t have any ones. All I have is a twenty.
3. Wait, I broke the twenty when I paid for lunch at Hen House.
4. I still have just a twenty…
5. FUCK!

At Hen House they just weigh the food you get and slap a sticker on it and then you pay at the checkout with all the rest of your stuff. I didn’t have anything else to pay for and I guess my mind was elsewhere and I just trotted right out the door without paying. Good chicken though.

So, moral to the story? If you need a free lunch, visit Hen House at I35 and Antioch.
Just kidding.
I’m gonna go back and pay tonight. I swear.

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