Get Me Naked 2: The Electric Boogaloo

I feel like I am wasting life by not caring about this week and wishing it was over so it would be next week but that’s just the way it is. And that’s not even completely true. I just want it to be Saturday. JoLynn’s party is gonna be full of all kinds of awesome and then Thursday… Oh man, Thursday is Coheed and Cambria. I’ve mentioned that before, yes? Once or twice. And then Friday, for the love of God, Friday morning I am going to get on a train of all things and ride to Sandusky, Ohio of all places and ride roller coasters all damn weekend!

Shit, and then the Fazed party is the next weekend and you knows how that goes.

It’s 2am and the snow is falling still. As our good city lays still.

Yea, so I’m going to Cedar Point next Friday and I’m taking the train. Amtrak, that is. I’ve never done it before and I’m hoping for a giant pile of awesome. It’s slow; 12 hours slow but it’s way better than driving, is cheaper than driving and not as expensive as flying. And it’s not flying. Anything that isn’t flying is good by me.

So that’s all super great. Hopefully it doesn’t rain on us at Cedar Point cause that would be a real bummer. Unless it rains and they don’t close the rides cause that would be great. Except it would probably be pretty cold. Man, I don’t want it to be too cold.

I’m pretty damn excited about that trip. I’ve wanted to go since the dawn of time and I’ve wanted to ride a train since the dawn of time. And autumn is going to be in full swing by next week (it’s already happening here) and the scenery is gonna be gorgeous and I just want to fucking GO.

You said “My life’s like a bad movie.”, and I said, “That’s true of all of us.”

I never did get around to posting my massive post on bad dreams. I didn’t finish it and it was already several pages long. I’ll maybe finish that up and post it cause maybe it would be fun to read. Lately my posts have just been these long laundry lists of events, which is cool because I enjoy going back and reading them and remembering the fun I’ve had but maybe not too entertaining for my faithful readers. All both of you.

It’s been so long that it seems like I’ve never danced with anyone. She moves so, she moves so well.

And I’m here to entertain. This blog, at least. It’s here to entertain you and to help me remember. And now I just need something to help me forget.

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