Network Backup

Alright, I know there are some geeks out there reading this. I’m looking for opinions on cross platform network backup. My requirements are that I be able to backup Linux, Windows and Mac OS X machines across the network and that I can back up to a set of files on a firewire drive. I also want history, not just a current copy. And incremental backups.

I currently use Dantz Retrospect and while it does the job it’s one of the most horrible user experiences that I’ve ever had, and recently it’s been crashing.

I while back I decided I would write the One Backup Application and all would be well. I decided to do it in Java because then it would be very easy to have the client be portable to almost any OS. Some bugs in the JVM on Windows eventually pissed me off enough to stop me from doing it but I am considering starting the project up again.

Are there better options? I’m willing to pay, or at least steal.

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