Beauty and the Beast

Well, Fall has completely fallen. The trees on my street are stunning. Lots of rich, bright yellow with red and orange edges. It’s gorgeous. I was worried that with the quick change in temperature this year we wouldn’t get a chance to see the Fall color but it’s out in droves now. I just hope it sticks around till the weekend so I can go driving around to check it out.

And if I do get to go driving to check it out I’ll be able to listen to my iPod in my car! Monday night my Aux Mod from Sylfex arrived. I ordered it back in July and they just finally got around to having enough on hand to send me one. So last night I cleaned out the garage to make room for my car and began the arduous process of taking my radio out. The RX-8 has a fully integrated stereo system and it’s a giant pain in the ass to remove. I had to remove the cover over the shifter area, the ashtray, a cover under the steering column, a metal plate under the steering column, a bolt buried back behind all that and about 200 connectors to get the damn thing out. What a beast.

I finally got it all out, installed and back in and took it for a drive. Sounded great. The only problem was my DSC (Dynamic, uh, Something Control) light was flashing saying it wasn’t going to protect me from flying off the road. That had me pretty panicked for a while but after two starts and stops of the engine it reset and was fine. I guess it needed to recalibrate or something.

All told, it took me about 3.5 hours to convince my car it has a tape deck and to let me play my iPod. Scotty came over to help and to install his own module which he had picked up at Best Buy earlier in the day. It took him about 15 minutes to install and now his stereo can completely browse his iPod, show track info on the display and basically knock my stereo over in the school yard and tease it.

He can’t talk to it though. Muahah! Man do I have something brewing…

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