What’s Grabbin’ Me

Downloaded some new music this morning, and put some stuff on my iPod that’s been laying around unlistened to.

So today I’m listening to Stellastarr* – Harmonies for the Haunted, Editors – The Back Room, Radiohead – Hail to the Thief, Franz Ferdinand – You Could Have It So Much Better With Franz Ferdinand and I might give a listen to Incubus – S.C.I.E.N.C.E. which I haven’t heard in forever.

At the moment though I am listening to Stellastarr*’s “Sweet Troubled Soul” over and over and over and over and over. Especially the part where he goes:

I want to suffer in your arms
And when you’re naked in the dark I want to see your face in the reflection of my bedroom stereo
We’ll take it slow
Sweet troubled soul

Man, that’s the shit.

Oh man, I think I’ll add this too.
Isn’t it great when people write songs about you?

If fortune favors the brave
I am as poor as they come
I’ve got a million things to say
I’ve got a million things too

One thought on “What’s Grabbin’ Me”

  1. Ok Ok I admit, this is VERY late but I cant help myself here. Anyway I just stumbled on your site while looking for some wizkid gadgety thingy-ma-jig to save the music from my broken ipod (DONT EVER DRIVE OVER THEM, it isnt clever, funny, or something to admit to your friends)

    I thought I would find out a bit about the kind person who decided to come up with the great program, and as shareware!! You my kind sir, are goin to heaven, screw the pope, you’ve got it covered heh.

    Ok long story short, god damn do you have one hell of a good taste in music, if you dont mind me saying, so hats off to ya n all that. I hope you ended up listening to SCIENCE, their best album I might add, and enjoyed stellastarr* as much as I do. Sweet Troubled Soul is amazing and I’m glad I’m not the only one who thinks so.

    So keep on rocking and dont work too hard (from what I read, you do dude, kick back, chill out and crack open a can or two…although, a car with a mac mini in it, HELL YES!)

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