No Witty Title

Well, here I sit in Detroit. Our flight from Philly to Detroit was slightly delayed because the plane wasn’t there on time. That was okay. We still had 30 minutes to make the connection. Then some bastard hurt himself on the tarmac right behind our plane and that stretched things out another hour while they cleaned him up.

I was supposed to be back to KC around 1 something but now it’s gonna be 4 something and I hear it’s started to snow pretty bad there.

Funny thing, I hear the old RX8 is no good in the snow. Assuming that we make it home from the airport alive in Adam’s truck then I have to try to make it from his house to mine in the RX8 and there’s no fucking WAY I am going to be able to get up my driveway.

Not without shoveling first.

And look, it’s just started to snow in Detroit.

All I wanna do is go home and look at the glowing embers that are all that remain of my house and belongings. I’m assuming by now, of course, that the transformer behind the house that was glowing red on Saturday night eventually caught fire and burned down the neighborhood.

If you look close at the Photo Blog over there you’ll see a picture of the sign that leads to Camden, NJ. Murder capital of the world, rep-ruh-zent!