Delerium Trigger

Coheed just plain rocked. That’s all I can say. They just completely rocked.
Flee the Seen was great too.
New Amsterdams and The Living Things I could have done without. Time would have been better spent eating pizza. Or drinking less.

And now for the apologies:
Afentra, I’m sorry I hugged you so many times.
Lazlo, I’m sorry I hugged YOU so many times.
Everyone at the Beaumont Club, I’m sorry I hugged you so many times.
Steve, I’m sorry.
Dining room wall, I’m sorry.

I hope you’ll all forgive me.

5 thoughts on “Delerium Trigger”

  1. It was a fun night all right. Coheed fucking rocked the house OMG. Then there was the Lazlow hugging and then pizza and Mark (I think it was mark) who brought us napkins on the street. Whee.

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