New Years Resolution

Well, I have a New Years Resolution.

I want to unzip Charlize Theron out of that latex body suit she wore in Aeon Flux.

Pretty good flick. Lots of gratuitous violence, and plenty of eye candy. Not a whole lot of content, but plenty entertaining.

That’s not really my New Years Resolution. I do have one, but I’m gonna keep it a big secret! Oh how exciting!

The NYE party was big, big fun. We killed the keg of punch and put a solid dent in the Wheat. And had to have pissed off my neighbors something fierce. JoLynn came strapped no regrets with tons of party gear, including horns, so at the witching hour we stood on the front porch counting down, screaming, setting off party popper things, spilling Champagne and blowing horns like crazy.

Here’s to another good year, and if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a lot of sinnin’ to do in the next 12 months, so I better get started.