Dear Apple,

I love your laptops. As soon as the MacBook Pro is in stores (February 15th, from what I hear) I am going to run down and buy one. I have an Apple sticker on my beloved car and I’ve shaved an Apple into my back hair. I love Apple.

But, I have a complaint. Your laptops should have a docking station connector. Something nice and high density that is on the back of the computer. As it is now when I get home I have to hook up my power, USB keyboard, Firewire drives, speakers and monitor and it’s a big pain in the ass. It also makes it really hard to move the laptop around on my desk cause I have so many cables hooked up to it.

How about a nice high density connector on the back that I can hook some kind of nice flexible cable to that goes to a breakout box sitting on the back of my desk where all that shit is already plugged in. You could even make the box out of white plastic.

I have one further suggestion. You guys are all about doing the improbable. How about running all those various ports over a single strand of fiber? I haven’t bothered to bust out a calculator and see if the combined bandwidth of all those components is too high but that’s what your engineers are for.

Thanks a ton.