I’ve been doing the dieting thing again. It’s going pretty well. This morning I was 203.4 so my neverending goal of 199 is well within sight again. I’ve got a dinner to go to tonight but it’s Greek so I might be able to eat sorta healthy. Party on Saturday and if I can manage to take it easy hopefully I won’t lose all the progress I’ve made this week. Waverunner season is fast approaching and I wanna look good! I’ve worked really fucking hard for the past year and a half to turn my body into something a little less hideous and now it’s time to enjoy it.

Speaking of waverunner season, I’ve finally saved enough money to buy a truck! I’m gonna shop around this weekend and see what I can find. I can’t wait. Ever since I bought the RX-8 (which I love) I’ve been unable to move my waverunner, take my dog to the park, buy lumber and all that kind of stuff that a real macho kind of guy like me does every single day. (What?)

Being able to move my waverunner is important, even now. I think that I cracked the hull two years ago (the last time I used it!) and I need to get it cleaned up and do a water test on it to be sure. Hopefully not, cause I’d really like to take it out this year but I imagine a cracked hull is not a cheap thing to fix.

In other news, vPod 2.0 is coming along nicely. I have really good iPod detection code in place which should help me avoid the fiasco that is finding your iPod’s drive letter. That seems to cause a lot of problems for less computer savvy users. Now vPod searches all your drives for iPods and it detects when an iPod is inserted or removed.

What else? I smacked up my car again. I posted about it as soon as it happened but I was so angry that the post was full of bile and bitterness so I deleted it. I’m much more calm now. Basically, there was a teeny amount of snow on the ground when I left a club last Saturday. I made it all the way to my road and then very slowwwwwwly slid into a curb. Nothing I could do about it. Slowest accident ever. That didn’t stop the curb from doing about $1000 in damage though. The car is still completely road worthy and while it looks bad it’s not THAT bad. I’ll fix it myself when I have some extra cash. Right now I need a truck.

I also bought a Valentine 1 radar “locator”. I’ve wanted one forever but they are so expensive I put it off. Well, two speeding tickets later I decided it was time. It’s absolutely incredible. I see cops before they get out of bed in the morning. Before they even start thinking about setting up a speed trap. I know more about their radar than they do. I’ll never let it go.

My side work is going pretty well. Making some extra cash and working on interesting things. Keeps the drudgery of my day job at bay though I can’t say I love working all day and then working all night. Still though, truck.

And finally, check out the awesome tissue box diorama I made while waiting to do an interview yesterday. If you can’t tell it’s a guy and a dog throwing a ball and having a good ol’ time. I like to think they are at the dog park because the slacker guy finally got a truck and took his dog out.

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  1. People who make tissue box dioramas have way too much free time. I’m not saying YOU, I’m just saying…


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