Space (I Believe In)

Have you seen how gorgeous the moon has been over the past few days? Maybe it’s always this awesome and it’s just that I’ve been out under it more recently but it’s just been spectacular. On top of that, it’s been clearly visible during the middle of the day since at least Saturday. Whenever I can see the moon during the day it reminds me that I live on a planet. A small planet just floating around with a bunch of other ones. And it just blows me away.

In more Earthly, mundane news, if you can count on Google to do one thing right it’s… everything. Google Calendar is no exception. I just imported my (sizable) calendar and it was flawless. I’m sold.

One thought on “Space (I Believe In)”

  1. Also, Google email hosting is outstanding. I’m currenlty testing it for work. Probably going to move the entire company over to it.

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