London: Wednesday

I’ve arrived in London and all’s well. My flight ended up being an hour and a half delayed but aside from that it was pretty good. EasyJet is cheap, and weird, but they got me here so I applaud them.

Things weren’t so easy once I got into London. It was about 1am already when we landed and I had no idea how to get to where I needed to go. I bummed some directions off a guy working in a little airport store but he told me I was screwed because the subway (Tube, Underground) stops running at midnight.

I took the train from the Luton airport into London central and landed at King’s Cross station. I had no map or anything but the guy at the train station told me that I could get a bus to Paddington Station, which is where I needed to go. As I came out of the station there was a guy offering taxi service so I threw in the towel and went with him. Turned out to be a good choice. He got me right here and he was very cool. We chatted about traveling Europe and he told me he hated Paris, so we talked for a while about that. Seems like everyone hates Paris.

I landed at my hostel (Wake Up! London) and man it’s a shit hole. It had a bed though, so that’s all I needed. Now I am trying to figure out what to do with myself today. I need food, to do laundry and to get maps and information. And I need rest. My legs and feet are killing me Walking around Berlin all day Monday (report coming soon) and Dresden Tuesday (also wik) just did me in. I need to bust out a protractor and figure out how many miles I walked. I’m guessing it’s gotta be marathon level.

So that’s it for now. I’ve got to find some breakfast, and some information. The weather in London is stormy, cold, rainy, overcast and utterly perfect. I hope it stays like this till I leave. I never want to see the sun again. My arms, head and face are so tan… and the rest of me is pasty white. Weak.

2 thoughts on “London: Wednesday”

  1. Ok, this is stuff I can comment on since I have been to the UK fairly recently.

    1) yes, going broke is a possibility. Its pricey as fuck.
    2) you only 55 pounds because they took the rest out in fees. Those exchange people ar ethe suck.
    3) try the tube, it goes everywhere and most of the time a ticket is like GB1.60 or was when I was there
    4) my best guess is that it was some sort of nut in your turnover.
    5) The town rocks.
    6) I cna’t recall how old you are but if you want a pretty nice hostel check out the generator in london. Its near russell Square and like GB20 a night I think. They might say you are too old though, I dunno.
    7) yeah some of hte names are weird.

    That was more then I intended to post, out of order to boot. Yay for just waking up.

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