I Just Won’t Be Defeated

What a weekend. I would love to tell you all about it but I don’t remember any of it.

Oh, wait, I remember a few things.

Friday night I did basically nothing. My house was a complete wreck and I needed to get it in shape for the party Saturday. I shopped, picked up the keg, made punch, cleaned, did laundry and all that lame stuff. Around 10:30 I settled in to watch a movie and go to sleep. Saw the first 30 minutes or so of Mirrormask, which was pretty cool, and then got totally drunk dialed. So, I went and hung out with Carmen for a bit, came back home and hit the sack. Boring Friday night.

Saturday I had breakfast with Carmen at some little place on 39th that was really great. Had the sweetest French toast ever made and then we headed down to Pleasant Hill to have her cat inspected. We also got married on the way, but that’s one of the things I don’t remember very well. I’m sure it was a beautiful ceremony. The vet’s assistant (who had the coolest, and cutest accent in the world) was speaking to Carmen about the cat and referred to me as “your husband” which was pretty funny. I didn’t bother to correct her cause it would have just embarrassed everyone.

So then I got back to town, rode my bike down to Letko to talk motorcycle tuning with Mario. He said he’d have no problem making my bike roar once I get my new exhaust so that’s awesome. I am buying a custom exhaust from a fabricator in West Virginia. He normally likes to have the bike and he’ll set it all up for you but I don’t want to ship my bike to West Virginia and back, so I wanted to make sure I could get it tuned correctly here. Sounds like yes!

I just generally lazed around for the rest of the day until it was time to party! Oh man, party we did. And eat! We had some great food, and lots of it. Carmen made fresh guac and salsa, I made fresh whipped cream, we had fresh peaches from our trip to Pleasant Hill and JoLynn brought 8! pounds of fresh strawberries. We tore into all that and started the fun stuff. I had made about 3 gallons of punch and had a 5 gallon keg of Boulevard Pale on tap. Not much of the beer got drank but the punch just completely disappeared. That stuff is muy dangerous.
There were shots of Jaeger, and shots of Absinthe (I think it’s finally gone Claudia) and shots of probably about everything else. But mostly there was punch.

Fairly standard house party and tons of fun. Twister, loud music, sleeping on the lawn, late night Rotel. I hear people were spooning whipped cream out of the bowl and directly into their gaping maws later in the evening but I didn’t last that long. A very successful house party.

Sunday I was ultra-lazy and just tried to heal up. Finished watching Mirrormask, finished watching Code 46 and watched The Truman Show, which was cool. I was trying to get myself into decent shape to go see The (motherfuckin’) Go! Team! We had tickets for Adam, Jo, Carmen and I to see em at The Granada at 9. We had dinner at Mad Greek beforehand, which was delicious as always. The waitress was really funky. She had kind of a squeeky voice and couldn’t control it’s volume very well. She would just like shout a word in the middle of the sentence or something. Very strange. I think she also had a huge mural on her chest that you could see the top of in the V of her shirt but I thought she (and my friends) might be offended if I asked her to show it to me.

The Go! Team was absolutely awesome. I’d say it was the second best show I’ve seen in a long time. Muse still holding first place. They were super high energy, lots of fun and very talented. The lead singer rapped, and danced, and cheered and sang and just generally had a blast and then the female drummer (which you don’t see very often) came out and sang her quiet solo song that was beautiful. It was really cute. She seemed very shy and as soon as she finished her song she spun around and smashed her cymbals. Awesome.

They were much more of a rock band than I expected. Most times there were two guitarists, a bass player, drummer and singer/rapper. Sometimes they swapped stuff up and played harmonica, a second drum kit, keyboard, mellowphone, recorder and tambourine. I highly recommend catching The Go! Team if you can.

And that was about that! Really fun weekend!

And so I have a place to look it up next time, here’s the punch I made:

Sleeping On The Lawn Party Punch
1.75 litre Most Wanted vodka
1 gallon cranberry cocktail juice
1/2 gallon cran-raspberry cocktail juice
1/4 gallon orange-pineapple juice
1/4 gallon 7-Up
A few fistfulls of ice