Day Three

Day three of not shaving my head for a month for $100. I’ve definitely progressed into the peach fuzz stage. It was really weird to shave my face today and not my head.

This weekend was Scotty’s 30th Birthday Bash at my place, with some dinner beforehand at Manny’s. It was great! Dinner was yummy and the party was a complete success. Started a little slow, as they always do, but once it picked up it never stopped till about 5am (10am for some people…)

We polished off 5 gallons of punch, the rest of the Pale, 8 lbs of strawberries and tons of whipped cream. We played Twister, people danced, people threw up (just a little bit, right?) and amazingly I was awake for all of it. Incredible.

Scotty got some great real, and joke gifts and Nicole totally made a mashed potatos cake for him. And someone ate a slice. Gross.

Sunday was ultra-omega lazy. I left the house once, early for food and then not again until like 5pm.


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  1. Are you ever going to post and let everyone know you wussed out on the bet so you wouldn’t look stupid in public?

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