My Road!

I found my road!

Years ago, when I spent much time riding my Katana I used to ride on this road “somewhere up north” that was my favorite road. Lots of hills and twistys and blind curves and sand and hidden driveways to die on. At some point in the years since then I forgot where it was and I haven’t been able to find it. In my memory it was “NW Barry Road” but I’ve never been able to find the part of road I was missing with that kind of sign.

Well, last night I really needed to lube the ol’ motorcycle chain (if you know what I mean) and once I was finished I wanted to take a long ride to work it all in. I hopped on 35N, took 169 up to 435W and started looking for some other road. I was looking for the road I’ve taken to Weston a few times but couldn’t find it. I hopped off on some road I thought might be the one and it wasn’t, but it started looking like a fun road.

So I’m cruising along, having fun on the turns and hills and I blow past an orchard. That’s when I shouted into my helmet, “This is my road!!” and then tore ass the rest of the way back to 435. My road has an orchard on it, and I always remembered that too. I love orchards.

Turns out that the road is 152W. Funny. I’ve been down 152E plenty of times recently but never went west on it.

I had a hell of a ride. The weather was perfect, my bike was responding nicely (instead of missing gears because of a sticky chain), and I felt really good. I tore it up for a good hour and covered a bunch of miles.


Also, vMail has a new name! It’s vimoMail and it will blow your mind. How’s that for marketing?

I decided to rewrite a huge portion of the client last night so the next release is going to be delayed a bit, but when I’m done with it it’s gonna be awesome.