I think one of the highlights of my life was when I referred to my spare bedroom as “the lab” to Courtney and she responded “You can’t call it a lab if there’s no erlenmeyer flasks in there” and I left the room, walked into The Lab, got a giant 2 liter erlenmeyer flask and brought it back in to show her.

God damn it, that was awesome.

I only mention it cause I was just listening to “Do The Brown Nose” by The Dead Milkmen and they mention erlenmeyer flasks in the song and it made me giggle.

Like this: hehehe

2 thoughts on “Highlight”

  1. Wait one minute here, sir. I do believe I said, “You can’t call it a lab unless there is an Erlenmeyer flask in there.” How dare you perpetuate this belief that I would use a double negative in a sentence. I don’t know what kind of slapdash English they taught you in New Jersey, but where I come from there ain’t no double negatives in our damn sentences. Thank you.

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