I drove to the sea, and I never came back…

So, if you were reading my travel site you probably know I have been back since June. I haven’t been resting on my laurels (whatever those are) but have just been so busy, and so frantic that every time I sit down and decide to write a new post there is so much to say that I give up at the sheer size of the work.

So, I have decided to just give you a list of bullet points to bring this site up to date so that I can get back to short, wildly hilarious posts ad hoc!

Since June 12th, when I got back from my trip I have:

  • Moved in with Courtney and her sister at her apartment in Point Royal. Her sister just moved back to Tulsa so it’s just me and Courtney now.
  • Got surgery for Sonja’s leg, which worked out great. She is (almost) as springy as ever now.
  • Took a job with Displayware leading their technology department.
  • Visited my new company in Seattle.
  • Fixed a bunch of problems with my waverunner, and learned a lot in the process.
  • Fixed a bunch of problems with my Explorer, and learned how to get screwed in the process.
  • Visited my family in New Jersey.
  • Released a few new versions of vimoMail, including Black Berry support.
  • Decided to move to Seattle to work for Displayware and convinced Courtney to go with me.
  • Drove to Seattle to leave my car, with the intention of driving again in three weeks to actually move.

So, Courtney and I are moving to Seattle! I’m here right now and she’s flying out on Friday for a visit. Then we’ll be moving all our junk out here at the end of September. We’re going to be renting a house in West Seattle, so come visit!

And now I’m all up to date and I can write a post telling you about my visit to the Microsoft campus today! Yea!