Sad State of Affairs

It’s sad for me to see that as I write this post from our hotel in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan I can still see posts from last year’s Japan trip on my front page. I used to post a lot but I’ve stopped! It’s not that less is going on; there’s more, if anything. It’s just that every time I sit down to write I realize it’s going to take hours to catch up and instead I post something pithy on my Twitter feed and get back to work.

Anyway! We’re on vacation again in Japan. It’s pretty exciting! This time we’ve decided to stick purely to Tokyo and really dig in. We have lots of stuff planned this time around and intend to really make the most of our time. We’ll be going to the International Robotics Exhibition at the end of the week which is super exciting and we intend to spend a full day in Akihabara this time around. I’m for the the stalls of Radio Town and Courtney for the highrises filled with 8 bit history. It’s gonna rock.

We’re staying in Shinjuku for the first half of the trip due to some excellent hotel sleuthing by Courtney. It’s totally affordable and we’re about 1 block from all the action. It’s great. We also found out we could take the Narita Express from the airport straight to Shinjuku by paying a 170 Yen fare adjust when we got off, so that rocked.

It’s Monday morning here, pretty early since we’re a bit jet lagged. We’re about to head out and hit the city.

We’re staying at the Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. So far, highly recommended.