PCH Day Four

On day four we wake up in Santa Rosa, me with a hangover and Courtney with general laziness. For the first time on the trip we kind of slept in and had a slow start. Our destination for the day is Monterey but before we get there…

Courtney had planned a loop of the Napa valley through wine country. Once we got ourselves moving we headed for Calistoga, which was a bit of a back track but necessary to get far enough north to visit the areas we wanted to see. Calistoga we just passed right though on our way to St. Helena. There we took a short little detour through the parking lot of Beringer winery which was neat but didn’t hold a lot of interest for us. Our real destination was Yountsville which is where Thomas Keller’s Bouchon restaurant and Bouchon Bakery is. We made a quick stop there for super yummy pastries and baked goods and kept on rolling.

The drive through Napa was very pretty. The vineyards stretch on forever and make for great scenery, but neither of us had much interest in wine country so we just cruised through.

Next stop was Weird Stuff Warehouse in Sunnyvale which took us through the east bay area and our first In N’ Out Burger stop of the trip. In N’ Out was delicious as usual and Weird Stuff Warehouse was a bit of a letdown. I was hoping for a giant warehouse of surplus electronic parts but it was mostly just e-junk from the computer industry. Lots of routers and switches, network cards and the like. It was fun to walk around in the shelves but nothing caught my eye.

To come:

Santa Cruz

Traffic on 1 to Monterey

Cannery Row Brewery

An early night at the Monterey Bay Lodge

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