New Digs…

Well, after listening to one of my roommates have sex 4 feet away from me for most of last night and then her, her friend and the other guy staying up till 6am talking about their dreams of being James Bond I decided it was time to move. I got a new room in the same hostel and it’s much better. Two guys and a girl and they are all really friendly. Should make my last few days here be much better.

Looks like the sun might peak out a bit today, so I am off to do some swimming and tanning. I’ve been practicing my Japanese for my big move to Tokyo and I’m getting really good. If you need me to identify a: boy, girl, man, woman, plane, dog, table, ball, horse, cat or car I’m your man. I can also clarify if any of those things are on, or under any other one. I should have no problem ordering in restaurants now!

4 thoughts on “New Digs…”

  1. You know you might look into taking a nice long cruise on a freighter when you need a breather. They’re a lot cheaper than “real cruises” and there would be fewere than 12 other passengers on board. The sea is pretty dope, I dare say.

  2. Okay ummm, first of all, EW.I am at school and I didnt get my cell. =[ I am bored and my computer is busted, again. GOSH. Monday June 11, 11:00 a.m. I TAKE OFF. Hope you can visit. It’ll be hard to uh talk to you if I dont have a phone so you can call the house. Hopefully you know the #. If not ask Civ. Okayss byee.


  3. Oh and you spelled hotel wrong…



    ^^^hahahaha EVILLLL

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