Spooklight and Precious Moments

On Saturday July 13th Kelly, Alex, Victoria, James, Barb and myself headed down to Joplin, MO
to witness the spectacle that is The Hornet Spooklight. Unsurprisingly the Spooklight didn’t turn up, but we did get to hang out on a dusty country road for 3 hours and chat with friends, which is a good way to spend an evening. Later James and Barb promised to take us to a haunted house so we drove off into the Missouri / Oklahoma night and searched for it. And searched for it. And searched for it. Tired and bored we found our way back to civilization and went our seperate ways. Kelly and I stayed in Joplin because she had mentioned wanting to see the Precious Moments Chapel Center. This is where it all went horribly wrong.

I had seen Precious Moments figurines before and I assumed they were just more of the standard sickeningly cute Hallmark fare but I was in for quite the surprise. As it turns out, those cute figurines mean much, much more when you know the story. Turns out that Sam Butcher, the artist who designs Precious Moments figurines has had a life of hardship. He found Jesus and that is his inspiration for all of the Precious Moments figurines, paintings, sculptures, chapels, islands, fountains and theme parks. I can barely describe the lengths to which this guy has gone to do… whatever the hell it is he’s trying to do so I will let my photos of the event and some other reviews cover it. Needless to say I am never going back and Kelly is already planning a second trip 🙂