A Moment’s Respite

I just got back from NJ after a long weekend with Kelly. We had a great time; or at least I had a good time, and I am pretty sure she did too.

I got to spend 2.5 hours sitting on the runway in Philly for my flight back. A storm was brewing in Pennsylvania so we sat there to see what it was going to do. The best part was when the captain told us they were going to release one plane for takeoff and that plane was going to report back if they made it through nice and smooth. I’m glad I wasn’t on that plane.

Both flights out and the entire flight back shook like a heroin addict going cold turkey. I think it would be really interesting to see a graph that had like two lines. One showing average turbulance for flights without me on them, and one showing average turbulence for flights with me on them. I think I am being punished, and I am not sure for what.

I managed to be kinda sorta good about my diet in New Jersey. I only had two slices of pizza, one cheesesteak and half an order of cheese fries. That’s about 1/4 of what I would normally eat in the first day of a visit, so not bad. I lost 2 pounds over the weekend which is good. I would have been perfectly happy just not to gain any 🙂

Tomorrow I get to wake up super early, fly to Vegas and work on setting up our trade show all day and then fly back, landing after midnight. 5 flights in 6 days might just break me. I am terrified of flying and I’m usually nervous and jittery a day or two before and after every flight. This time I won’t even be finished being nervous from the flights east before I have to go west. If only there was some button I could press that would knock me out for a prescibed amount of time. Someone needs to drug my milk.

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