The Prids

Went to see The Prids in Lawrence last night. Excellent show, but far too short. Seemed like they only played for about 20 minutes. In any case, they kicked ass. Reminded me very much of New Order. The female bass player was very good and really carried the music. First time I have seen a bassist wearing a wrist band cause she needed it. Very quick hands 🙂

I managed to get pulled over the second I pulled away from the bar. I was parked in a angled parking space and if I had pulled out straight I would have been facing the wrong direction so I pulled out and did kind of a u-turn. Did it right in front of a cop and he didn’t appreciate it. No ticket, which was nice of him. He did point out that the cheapest ticket in Lawrence is $93. Woops.

So anyway, if you like good music go check out The Prids when they come to town.

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