UPS Really Sucks

The last time I received a package via UPS the driver delivered it to the house across the street from me. I found this out because when I checked the tracking information for the package, it said “DELIVERED: PORCH” but when I got to my porch it was not there. I called UPS and they said “It was delivered to XXXX Whatever Lane.”
I explained that that was not my address and I checked my receipt to make sure I had my shipping address right. I did. I asked the UPS rep what they had down for the shipping address and they read my address back to me. So why did the driver deliver it somewhere else, and then record that he delivered it somewhere else without realizing it?

So today I am all excited because I am receiving a package full of yummy electronic components for me to play with tonight. Paid extra for 2 Day Air. Check tracking and it’s “DELIVERED: PORCH”

Uh oh.

I get home and no package. I immediatly run across the street to ask for my package but they are not home, so I call UPS. This time the driver delivered it to the right house number… two streets away. The names of the streets are not even slightly similar. I ask the rep to confirm the shipping address and it’s correct. Once again the driver has delivered the package to the wrong address and recorded his stupidity. I bitch loudly at the UPS rep and he thinks something is fishy too so he sends an urgent message to the local UPS distribution center.

A guy from the distribution center calls me about an hour later and appologizes profusely. He says “I will talk to the driver and find out what is going on.” He says “Maybe he just thought he was on the right street?” and I explain how the driver recorded that he delivered it to the wrong street. I ask him if he still thinks the driver thought he was on the right street and he says no. He’ll check in to it.

So I go to the address of where the package was supposed to be delivered. The package is not on the porch, and they aren’t home so I assume they took it inside. I leave a note on the door for them to call me. Hopefully I will see my stuff sometime this weekend.

Moral of this long winded story? UPS Really Sucks. I don’t know if my driver has a personal grudge against me or what, but 2 packages to the wrong address in two weeks (a 100% ratio!) is pretty bad. What the hell?

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  1. I’m also a SomaFM listener too and dig Groove Salad, beatblender, and dronezone. I have been so pissed at UPS that I’ve been ranting in other forums. My dad is a lawyer and we’re filing a law suit against them, but I hope that if we win in small claims court, they don’t decide to appeal. Then me and my dad are in trouble. This was what I wrote in the other forum.

    re: United Parcel Service (UPS) sucks!
    In August, I was returning a 500-dollar tanzanite back to a jeweler’s supply store and it never arrived back to its destination. Here it is September 8th, they’ve been dilly-dallying and pretending like they never received the claim information, so my father who is also an attorney, and I, are filing a law suit against them. They couldn’t care less. They only offered to pay 100 dollars to us for losing the package and we did NOT accept their offer. They will try and screw you any way they can. It doesn’t matter if your package was insured or not, it is THEIR NEGLIGENCE that they lose packages. Most likely their employees stole my package. A display company I dealt with a year ago told me UPS steals packages. Up until last month, I’ve had no problem. Now I see what he was saying. He uses Yellow Freight.

    We just left a message to a person who would give my father the phone number or other information to contact their “legal department” to work out some settlement. It will be very interesting. I hope we nail these bastards, I swear. They don’t care even if you sue them! I will NEVER use UPS ever again. The U.S. Post Office has been terrific. And they’re cheaper than UPS too, and more competent. I even filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. It probably won’t do much good, but we hope to win this in small claims court against them. Oh, I’m so pissed I could just spit. I’m telling ANYONE that will listen to not use UPS. They are a very bad company and they are crooked. They’ll try to screw you over ANY chance they can get.
    9/8/2004 4:19 PM | Minda

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