I Am Not A Crook!

I opened my first ever savings account today. Responsibility! Thinking of the future! No, just a spot to hold money for more toys, and possibly one very large toy in 5-10 years.

I was required to answer all kinds of questions so they could determine if I was a terrorist or not. They even said, “In cooperation with the Patriot act we’re gonna ask you questions to determine if you are a terrorist or not.”
They asked me if I was going to use this account for a business, if I would be transferring over $3000 into or out of it, if I would be using wire transfers and so on. I personally would have asked me “Do you hate Americans and want them all to die a boiling bath of their own blood?” but I am a little more upfront than most people are I guess.

One of the main reasons I opened a savings account is that I have been giving some thought to starting a small business in several years. To do this, I will need a lot of money so I figured I should probably start creating some. I have always treated my money kind of like a beer glass. If there is some beer in there, I’ll drink it. If not, I will wait till someone puts more in and THEN drink it. I’ve never really put saran wrap over the top and put it in the fridge for later, or given half my beer to the church or anything like that. This is of course why every other entry on this site is me oogling over some new and useless toy.

Anyway, I’ve been thinking a lot about opening a microbrewery. With my tour of Boulevard Brewery and my increasing obsession with brewing I am getting to where I think it might be a fun, enjoyable and profitable way to spend some of my life. I’m very happily employed now in I.T., I love computing and unlike many of my friends I am not really thinking about a way to “get out” of I.T. I am just thinking it might be a good way to work for myself. I don’t really want to start a software company. It’s all been done.

Well, it’s all been done except The One True Thing. If you are a fan of my friend Adam’s Blog you have already heard of The One True Thing but for those of you that havn’t, let me tell you something. It’s cool. That’s about ALL I can tell you because it’s also secret. We’re in the “we need a good, catchy name” phase right now but we’re itching to get coding. Yes, coding. As you may have guessed this is going to be a web site. Wow man. Seriously. It’s gonna be cool.

Oh yea, beer. The cider I made a few weeks back is in the keg and being drunked. It’s not very good. When I made it I added 2 lbs of brown and 2 lbs of white sugar to try to bring the alcohol level up. It did that, but it also added a terrible taste to the finished product. This is why people ferment things like malted barley and apples instead of white sugar I suppose. I can drink it, but I don’t think anyone else would want to. Tonight or tomorrow I am going to make a new batch with just apple juice and see if that turns out better. I’m also going to try my first home made receipe batch of beer. Nothing special, but it’s going to be the first time I make a beer that doesn’t come in a kit so it’s kinda exciting. I kinda think I should probably advance my craft if I want to open a brewery and sell this stuff to the world.

That’s all for today, faithless reader. I’ve got some learning to do.

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