Road Rage

So I am driving home from work in the center lane of College Blvd. A woman in a silver car in the lane to my left kind of drifts over a bit in to my lane, just barely crossing the line. I move over a bit just to be safe and wait for her to notice. I glance up and see she’s on the phone. She continues to drift over into my lane, very slowly like so I give a friendly “You are in my lane dumbass” honk and look over. She doesn’t even flinch. Now she is more than half way into my lane and I am more than half way into the right lane so she doesn’t hit me. I lay on the horn and she finally glances up. She gives off a “What is your problem” kind of vibe and then glances ahead finally noticing where she is and moves back in to her lane.

We end up going the same direction onto 435N. I get in the left lane so I can get the hell out of there and she gets in the right. Before I take off I see her merge into the exit lane without looking, cutting off a car which swerves into the right lane to miss her.

She’s still on the phone.