I Walk Among You…

This weekend Turtle Radio was down. Turtle Radio is the service that lets me configure which streaming radio stations my Audiotron can use. A few months ago this would not have been a problem, but not long ago Adam turned me on to Groove Salad and I am completely addicted.

So anyway, I was working on ATTray this weekend which often requires me to reboot my Audiotron. Unfortunatly, when I rebooted it I got no radio stations! The horror! I checked the URL that the Audiotron asks for it’s radio stations from and it looked like they were getting some kind of database error.

Not one to shy from challenge, I looked up a handy text file I had saved months ago. In this text file I had a copy of the document that Turtle Radio sends back to the Audiotron. I had grabbed this because I am paranoid and I thought that maybe some day if Turtle Beach went out of business I might need to make my own Turtle Radio. With XML document in hand I quickly wrote a proxy server in Java that let me feed stations to my Audiotron. I was saved!

Sometimes I wonder if there’s anything I can’t do, and then I remember that I am sitting at work typing into a little text box on my web site instead of sipping margaritas on the beach. It’s good to have something to look forward to.