Expose for Windows

For all your Macies out there that just can’t live without Expose but have to use a Windows box, someone has done what I threatened to do.


7 thoughts on “Expose for Windows”

  1. Turn my head for a minute and this is what I get! –There is only one GUI. So what happened to my old G4? Is it sitting on your desk 😉

  2. The G4 is the scanning station. I’ve got the iMac on my desk though 🙂
    I’ll say it again, if I could log in to my EverQuest account (this is becoming less and less important) from OSX I would “Switch” tonight!

  3. Yea, EverQuest exists for the Mac, but for some stupid absurd reason you can’t log in to the same servers PC characters can. I’d have to start over.

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