Cocoa Madness!

Can anyone tell me why my menu separators in my program show up blank instead of with the horizonal line that other applications have? This only happens in the dock menu. I’ve tried adding the separator through Interface Builder and through code (with [dockMenu addItem:[NSMenuItem separatorItem]];

In the example below, my menu is on the right. There should be separators below the ~08. item and below the Stop item. They should look just like the one below the Mute item and just like the ones on the menu on the left, from iTunes.

5 thoughts on “Cocoa Madness!”

  1. My God man! What has happened to you? You’re building Mac applications now? Wow.

    hey I can’t help with the programming, but you really must check ou this app. It is the best $5 you could ever spend. When I’m working and it is running I feel like my desktop is MTV -only it doesn’t suck, and the music is mine.

  2. You know how I am. If I use it I wanna program it 🙂
    I’ll check out the program when I get home. Sounds interesting, but does it do more than display album art?

  3. Hey there Mac Man, why the hell aren’t you writing me some kick ass kennel management software, eh? What, I have to do it in Perl? Dude, don’t make me do that.

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