You know what really drives me nuts? When people are so in a hurry to prove they know what you mean (in a conversation) that they don’t bother to listen to your words and then they fuck it all up cause they didn’t hear a thing you said.

Me: “Yea, so we are going to need a clas…”
Them: *nod, nod, nod* “Yep, gotcha. Exactly.”
Me: “…s that will interpolate th…”
Them: “Yep, perfect. No problem. Easy.”
[time passes]
Them: “Here you go!”
Me: “This is a bag of dog shit…”

Just slow the hell down for a minute! I believe that you know how to do your job, there’s no reason to try to prove it by cutting off sentences!

This also applies to waitresses who don’t write shit down.
Man, that drives me nuts. You got 8 people at a table ordering all kinds of food and drinks and you are gonna remember it? Please.

P.S. I’m not talking about you. Just calm down.

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