Fazed Par-tay Success! Night One.

Last night we seriously started the Fazed party. We opened the party suite at 4pm and most people were completely sloshed by 8pm. The party suite was rockin, lots of people having a great time. Only a few people threw up and barely ANYONE had sex in the tub in the party suite and made everyone mad cause they couldn’t pee.

Today we had the Fazed scavenger hunt which was a total blast. There were 50 something tasks that had to be done in the Plaza area such as “Get on the VIP list at Mi Cocina” and “Dance on a bar”. It was a great time and everyone got to explore the plaza quite a bit. Pics of that coming up eventually.

Tonight is the second night of the suite. Things are starting pretty slow. It’s about 8pm and just a few people sitting around relaxing. Several folks went to The Melting Pot for dinner, so I expect the party will get a’rollin around 9 or 10. Come stop by!