Music, Music, Music!

In the next few months I’ll have the opportunity to see:
The Pixies
The Faint
Cannibal Corpse
Fear Factory
Lamb of God
Children of Bodom
Napalm Death
Snow Patrol
Deathcab for Cutie
Coheed and Cambria (!!)

Woot for live music!

You’ll note a large number of black/death metal bands up there. You (and I) have XM Radio channel 42 to thank for that. It’s no secret that I love me some metal, but there’s been such a dearth of it in my life for so long. Now I’ve got a constant flow of new metal (and I don’t mean nue metal) and it’s awesome. My current favorite band that I’ve picked up is Amon Amarth. Satan from #fazed on describes them as “Viking metal at it’s finest” and I have to agree!

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