The Headblade

“You have the look now waste your time and money and skin.”

The Headblade sucks. You can’t get the hair right up behind your ears, you can’t get the sides of your head, you can’t get your sideburns unless you want to shave off your cheeks.
I wash my razor out with very hot water while I shave. Gets the gunk out. With the headblade you have to put your entire hand under the faucet. That hurts.
The only thing I can really see The Headblade excelling at is being thrown in the trash. It’s also good at consuming $20 I could have spent on 1 Mach 3 razor blade.
Man those things are expensive.

4 thoughts on “The Headblade”

  1. I actually thought about getting one, Glad I read your expereince before hand. I’m telling you the panasonic linear wet/dry trimmers are the best. I’ve had mine for 4 years though and its starting to die. It’s not holding a charge for more than a day. It used to be a week it could go off the stand before charging up. Hopefully I can get new batteries for it. I’ll have to look into it.

  2. They should rename that little piece of crap “The Meat Slicer” Every time I use it I end up shaving off a piece of my head (or ear). The company that makes the thing should be put out of business!!

  3. I just bought my headblade the other day thinking that it was going to be great.
    I hate it, I drag it along with the feeling like something is going to tear.
    Rinsing it under hot water sucks as you burn your hand.
    The thing is a joke.
    I wish the makers of the product would read this board.
    I think I will send them the link…
    I also think that a lot of people will buy it at first, then the word will get out that it is nothing but a joke.

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