I’m Feeling Better!

I’ve been sick all week, probably from a little virus I picked up somewhere in Westport while dressed as a banana. Today is the first day all week I’ve felt like eating, so of course I am ravenous. Lunch is soon though.
You know how when you have a head cold or whatnot and you are all congested and you blow your nose and nothing will come out? I hate that.
What I LOVE is when the cold is starting to pass and your sinuses finally start clearing out and you blow your nose and those thick brown/yellow/bloody snots blow out in one huge lump. It’s the best feeling ever. Sometimes there’s even chunks.

I told you to stop reading…

2 thoughts on “I’m Feeling Better!”

  1. Now you knoe when you say stop reading thats the first thing i’m gonna do is keep going. That was damn sick, but enjoyable to read in some twisted way.

  2. Hmm… It’s also good when the post nasal drip clumps of mucus that have been forming in your throat and lungs clear out to. 🙂 Glad to hear you are feeling better

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