Am I the only person that needs a simple calendar program with TODO items that I can access on Windows and Mac OS X and that synchronizes to a central server? I can’t be.

If I’m not, why the hell hasn’t Mozilla filled this need yet? It seems like every calendar program out there will let you sync to a calendar in one direction, but not both. Damnit, I need both! I use four computers regularly. Every single day. They need to be in sync. This is why I use IMAP for my mail, and Thunderbird for my mail client. IMAP lives on my Linux server and Thunderbird works everywhere that I do.
Hopefully Sunbird (or whatever the Mozilla calendar client is called these days) will fill this need soon. I feel gross sending myself emails with reminders and putting them in my TODO mail folder.

And don’t even get me started on contacts, bookmarks and notes.

Actually, hold up. It looks like maybe the newest version of the Mozilla calendar has rudimentary support for doing this over DAV. Sweet!

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