Back to Prom 2005

So, Saturday night Adam, JoLynn, Scott, Jenny, Francie and myself got all dressed up and went to Back to the Prom 2005. This was a charity event for The University Academy that JoLynn’s company got tickets to. If we had actually had to buy the tickets I’m pretty we couldn’t have afforded them with our combined riches. It was that kind of event.

The event was held at the Regency Hyatt and there was great food by the Peppercorn Duck Club, an open bar and a really great band that played 70s/disco/dance standards. Mmm… I was even convinced to dance a few times and utterly embarassed myself. So there’s that.

After the prom we headed over to Kelly’s for some post party partying and in standard form that’s all I remember. I’m blaming the free wine I drank all night. I’ve found most of my tux though, so that’s good.

Top, from left: Scott, Jenny, Jason
Bottom, from left: JoLynn, Adam, Francie

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  1. aw lovely.

    …and you’re the JoLynn that messaged me the other night huh? 🙂 sorry completely forgot, but I still remember your site.

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