On Target

222.2 this morning. That’s the SHIT right there! My goal is 222.0 by April 1st, so I am pretty much set there. If I can make today like yesterday I might even reach 220.0 which would be the complete awesome.

I am starting to feel thin, even though I have a long way to go. I’m noticing bones I didn’t have a few months ago. Bones like cheek bones, ribs, shoulder blades, collar bones and even bumps on my skull. It’s all very exciting for me.
One of my ribs appears to have a huge dent in it, so I am pretty interested to see how that looks in another month.

And don’t even get me started about nipples. We can talk about nipples here, can’t we? We’re all adults. The thing about losing a lot of weight is that it doesn’t come off symetrically. My right upper chest has dropped more than my left so far, and because of that my nipples are pointing in different directions. Weird.

So there you have it. Perhaps I should have titled this post “TMI”.