Tongue Tied

It’s been such a completely crazy few weeks that I wouldn’t even know where to begin, and thus, I won’t.
Instead I will end.

Last night Jonathan and I went to see Muse at the Uptown Theater. They put on a hell of a show accented with all kinds of cool live light effects and wrapped the whole thing up with a complete instrument smash up the likes of which I’ve never seen. If a photog managed to get a shot of the bass guitar flying through the air at about 10 feet before smashing into the drum set I’d pay good money to hang it on my wall.

The night before that was Keaton’s birthday party which was at my place. The party was supposed to be poker themed but I think the real theme of the night was vomit; cause there was way more of that than poker going on. Surprisingly enough I managed to keep it all down but I did pass out rather early and missed a large part of the party. Mission accomplished though. Keaton has a nasty tendency to not drink at my parties so I cut him off at the pass with a large bottle of Jaeger which we quickly drained. We had a little help with that, but not a LOT of help. Courtney had a lot more to say about it.

Man, there is a lot more but I’m not gonna talk about it for now.