Best… I mean… Worst… wait, no. BEST, WORST night evar!
Boy did I fuck up.

Well, best because Dick Dale was absolutely fucking incredible. He completely rocked. The show was even better than the last one. I can’t hear a damn thing even today. Seriously, he was awesome.

And worst because I smacked my new car into a curb and busted it up pretty bad. One the way home we took a road that was supposed to lead us to the ramp to I35. It turned out to be closed so we decided to turn around. I was following Charles. He turned around and went off and then I turned around. As I was coming out of the U turn and as I started to accelerate, the back end of the car broke completely loose. When it started to slide I turned into the slide to correct it and it shot the other way. I corrected that and then it just went completely around. The front right wheel bounced up onto the curb and the back wheel hit the curb at a slight angle.

The damage? Some plastic on the front end of the car got busted up and will have to be replaced. The bad part is that the back right wheel is bent in. Looks like either the axle or a control rod got bent. There’s no body damage, no wheel damage but it still looks pretty scary.

I went back to the scene a few minutes ago to take some pictures and it looks like right where I started to accelerate out of my turn there was a huge mud slick from the dirt hill next to the road. Combined with all the rain I think it was probably about as slick as ice. Felt like it at least. I’ve never had a car just whip around like that thing did. I’ll post the pictures when I can bear to look at them 🙂

<rwg> He wankeled right into the curb.

That’s some funny shit right there.

Pictures of the damage

S&M, But Mostly M

I beat the fuck out of myself when I am rocking out. At home, at shows, in the car, at work… when the music hits me just right I start hitting, punching, squeezing and generally hurting things. And by things I mean me. After every show I’ve usually got bruises on my chest and arms, cause those take the most abuse.

I’m an idiot. Let’s get that out of the way.

Now, the point of this post: These days when I do all the above listed things I feel muscle, or bone instead of fat. That’s so sweet. I mention this because I was just kicking it to some Rammstein – Sehnsucht and I made a few new lumps on my right pec and noticed it was kind of… hard. All these pushups I am doing every night before bed must be paying off at least a little.

210.0 lbs this morning. Hasn’t moved in a while, but it’s staying the same, which is great. I can maintain this. Now I just need to polish those last 10 off so I can get my tattoo before Tony just drugs me and drags me down to Irezumi against my will.

Cool Idea

I read a lot and I re-read a lot. Most of my books that I like (and there are a few hundred) I’ve probably read at least 3-4 times. Some of them wayyyy more than that. Anyway, I saw a cool idea on this blog today while eating lunch. She writes her name and date in the front of the book each time she reads it. I wish I had been doing that since I started reading but it’s never too late to start some things.