Everything! Must! Go!

I’m selling all my shit! Buy it!

Roomba Discovery
Guitar Stuff
12″ Apple PowerBook G4
1988 Suzuki Katana 600

Also, no link yet, but I’m selling my H&K USP 9mm. It’s in perfect condition. Has all original paperwork and components. Has been lovingly cared for. Asking $600.

Don’t worry, I haven’t taken up some new, expensive drug addiction or gambling habit. I’m just selling stuff I don’t ever use to afford stuff I think I will.

And yea, I spelled PowerBook wrong on the eBay listing. I’m stupid and they won’t let me change it.

Die Spammer Die!

So, I had to actually do some work to this web site today. How lame. Spammers were spamming the crap out of my blog comments. What’s the point? This site is read by like three of my close friends and they already all have giant penises and huge breasts.

So anyway, now when you post a comment to one of my blog posts you’ll have to type a nonsense word in. Just like professional!