Mine! Mine! Mine!

And it’s mine! All mine! With broken parking brake and *everything*.

I picked up my truck tonight and it’s totally super great. I’ve found a few little things wrong after about a 2 hour inspection but they are little things and it’s all totally great. The only big thing so far is that the parking brake is dead. The guy that sold it to me told me his wife drove around with the parking brake on for a while last week. Woops. He didn’t mention that it completely trashed it. Oh well. Now I get to learn how to fix the parking brake on a 1996 Ford Explorer. I’m not expecting too much of an ordeal.

The other little things are:
Power antenna is broken. Doesn’t go up and down but you can hear the little motor trying. The wire that goes up into the tube is probably just dead. Let’s call it $50 if I even bother to fix it. I already hooked up an iPod 🙂

Right rear door handle doesn’t work from the inside. It looks like it was pulled too hard and might have pulled free from the latch. I’m betting I can fix that for free by taking it apart. So let’s call that $0.

And the parking brake. No idea what that’s gonna entail but I’m still not gonna call it more than $50. Even if it’s a few hundred I’ll be thrilled.

So, what I DID get is a 1996 Ford Explorer that appears to be in basically pristine condition. It’s the Eddie Bauer Edition so it’s all leather and all power everything. All wheel drive, luggage rack, 6 disc changer, power moon roof. All the fixins. It runs great as far as I can tell but I’m certainly no expert on these things. The center console seemed to vibrate a little at 80 MPH on the highway, which could mean the tires are out of balance or it could mean you aren’t supposed to drive a 1996 Ford Explorer at 80 on the highway.

Paid $3900 for it and I couldn’t be happier. I can’t wait to go to the lake!

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  1. Let me know if you ever figure out that back right passenger door deal. I have the exact same vehicle and I have the same problem. Thx, Catina

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