Seattle Mongolian BBQ Sucks

This page lists mine and Courtney’s experiences with trying to find a Mongolan BBQ place in Seattle that doesn’t suck. Compare and contrast the below with, for example, BD’s Mongolian Grill in Overland Park, KS and Gengis Kahn Mongolian BBQ in Kansas City, MO.

So far we have tried:

Changs, Renton [2/5]
Pros: All you can eat, free ice cream at the end.
Cons: No extras to snack on, lame noodles, boring and very watered down sauces, small beers and unskilled cooks. Courtney also said that the soup was awful and in one of her plates the meat was about 25% cooked.

Hot Iron Mongolian Grill [1/5]
Pros: Sonja did not get stolen from the truck while we were inside eating. Friendly cashier.
Cons: Everything else. Very limited selection, lame sauces, not all you can eat.

KublaZ, Southcenter [0/5]
Pros: Nothing comes to mind.
Cons: You fill your bowl with the normal stuff and then tell them what kind of meat you want, which they add for you. You get about 1 thin slice of meat. And I’m not even sure what kind of meat it was. This one was a while back so I don’t remember anything else about it, but it sucked and we’ll never go back.

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