High Flyin’ Kid Stuff

So, last night I was supposed to go to The Brick to see Onemilliontinyjesuses but I just wasn’t up to it. Instead I downloaded a bunch of albums by Minus the Bear. Minus the Bear is a band Courtney told me about a while back. She invited me to go to their show at the Granada on Monday and I figured I should at least give em a listen before the show. Glad I did! They are awesome. I’m really enjoying the three albums I got which are “Menos el Oso”, “They Make Beer Commercials Like This”, and “Highly Refined Pirates”.

So, bored, I decided to go driving and listen to music. I ended up on Route 5 North at the suggestion of my brother. It’s just a bit north of Cabella’s and all that stuff, off I-435. Very cool road! It was getting dark as I hit it and I had a blast tearing ass through the curves and hills. I took this picture at one point. I eventually hit a detour / dead end kind of thing so I stopped to upload the image. There was this huge, dark house on the corner and it was just pitch black aside from the flashing detour lights. Looked like something out of a horror movie.

And that’s that, I guess.

One thought on “High Flyin’ Kid Stuff”

  1. Wasn’t as much an invitation as a barter. You drive, I give you ticket.

    I swear something keeps blinking in that picture every once in awhile.

    Ah well. See, my music isn’t total crap.

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