London: Thursday

I’m wrapping up my second full day in London. I’m a little sad to report that I think I am burned out on sightseeing. I really didn’t do too much today. I had a little bit of time to blow before I could check into my new hotel so I decided to walk up to Lord’s Cricket Ground. I don’t know anything about Cricket or anything, but that place features quite a bit in the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and I just kinda wanted to see it. Unfortunately you couldn’t really get it and see anything. It’s a stadium type place. So, I took a picture of the sign and walked back 🙂

After I got checked into my hotel I spent some time trying to find Internet access with no luck. Eventually I went down and asked and found they didn’t have any. So, I went searching for an Internet cafe. I found one just down the street that is pretty nice and that’s where I am now. (Again)

For the sights, today, I decided to head back to London Tower and Tower Bridge because they both looked pretty interesting. This is where the burn out started. I saw the London Tower, and took a few pics but I didn’t really want to go wander around inside. I took the Tower Bridge tour cause I wanted to see the “engine room” but it was all faked up and mocked up cause instead of a giant steam plant and hydraulics now they use electric motors that are probably the size of my thumb. Granted, I have a sausage thumb.

And… that was pretty much it. I went back to my hotel and watched a little TV and now I’m here typing this. Tomorrow I’m going to attempt to take the train and bus to see Stonehenge, which I’ve always wanted to see. That will probably take the bulk of the day as it’s at least 2 hours of travel in each direction. Then it’s Saturday and I’ll be coming home!

This trip has been a lot of fun, and I’ve learned a lot, and I’ve seen a ton. I’ve been to five countries: The Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany and England and explored 7 cities: Amsterdam, Breda, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Dresden and London and I’m worn the fuck out. I’m looking forward to seeing my friends, and riding my bike and planning my next trip 🙂

I’m glad I did it this way, even though it was kind of rushed and messy. I know where I’d like to go back and spend more time, and I have a much better idea of what is out there. Kelly used to tease me cause I was so clueless on geography. Well I’m not now. I know a good part of Europe pretty well and I can tell you how to get around it cheaply. That’s good stuff to know.

I definitely want to go back to Amsterdam with friends. I’d like to see much more of Germany, but with someone who speaks German and I very much want to be there on a motorcycle. I want to come back to England for a much longer visit and be mobile. London is great, but I want to see the countryside and castles and such. I’m going to need a driver though, cause the driving on the left still freaks me out.

So, that’s it for today, I think. I forgot my camera back at the hotel so I’ll post today’s pictures tomorrow, or later if I come back down here.