Air Guitar

It’s so embarassing when I involuntarily bust out the air guitar in my cube while I am working. Sometimes I just can’t help it. I’m sitting there looking at a problem and the band hits a particularly awesome riff and I just stand up, legs spread and rock out for a few minutes.

The rock. It’s in my bones.

2 thoughts on “Air Guitar”

  1. I’ve been asking people for a month or so now, wherever we go, “Hey, do I need to bring my air guitar?”

    too awesome.

  2. It seems that no matter where I am, no matter how formal, no matter how crowded, no matter what I’m holding, lifting, pushing or pulling, I JUST CAN’T LET A GOOD GUITAR RIFF GO BY WITHOUT ME ROCKING OUT TO IT. It seems like it takes over me and I’m really on stage in a seedy bar rockin out to a bunch of drunks.

    My friends thinks it’s weird for me to do that, but I keep reminding them that Jimmy Hendrix was black and he was the guitar god.

    So to all you air guitarist out there, if you got, ROCK IT.

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