I was just behind a girl driving a car who’s license plate said “GEEKGRL” and who had the following bumperstickers:
Motorcycles are everywhere. Look twice, save a life.
Federation of Horsepower
Kansas City Marching Cobras

I didn’t even know they made girls like that.

I tried to indicate via head motions (as I was on my bike) that I wanted to marry her but I don’t think she got it.

10 thoughts on “Perfect?”

  1. Well, you’ve got me there. I didn’t. But I do know what google is! Sidenote, even wikipedia doesn’t know what the Kasas City Marching Cobras are. After looking at their webpage, it does look um, interesting. 😀

    P.S. Sometimes your verification letters are awwwwffuuull. Either that or I can’t read right. I’ll let you figure out which one is true. 😉

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