I’m still here! I’m just busier than a very busy thing!

It’s been a fun few weeks, and weekends. Lots of going out and having fun and generally doing the same kind of thing I’ve been doing, except even more so!

I finally got to do some serious riding Sunday with Carmen and that was a blast. She has a Yamaha whose model I cannot remember at the moment but it’s a really nice sport cruiser and it’s way faster than my bike. Mine is way more uncomfortable though, so I’ve got that going for me. We headed way south on Holmes, and eventually west through Archie and into Creighton and other random destinations. Really nice several hour ride, capped off with some serious fried chicken at RCs in Martin City. Nice.

Also of note has been the O.A.R. and Jack’s Mannequin show last weekend, which was fun, but not totally my style of music. We missed most of Jack’s Mannequin and from the sounds of it that was okay. O.A.R. was good, and played well, but they were just a little too mellow for me. Hit Charles’ party after that and had some great bbq and chilling and drinking.

Waverunning, Nikko, Empire and Grand Emporium, Harry’s for Christine’s birthday, more Empire, running out of gas…

I can’t believe I ran out of gas.

And I’ve been going to the dentist every few days to have more teeth pulled out. I think I am done now, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they suggested that I need to get the rest pulled out just to be safe. If they do I am replacing them with titanium ones. That would be awesome.