Another Rant… and Some Other Stuff!

So, the other Sunday morning Courtney and I decided to go have a nice breakfast at the IHOP on Shawnee Mission and Antioch. We got seated quickly and everything was going great. Our waitress seemed a little flustered but so did everyone else. The place was super, super busy.

Anyway, there was a group of people sitting right behind us. I think it was either 2 or 3 people in a 4 person booth. Soon after we arrived, they left. Right before they left I thought I overheard our waitress comment to another waitress, “I think they are finally leaving.” which struck me as kinda odd. As soon as they left I heard her exclaim “5 hours!” and she said it quite a few more times.

I eventually asked her what the deal was and she said that the people had been sitting in that booth for five hours. I said “I hope they left a good tip at least” and she said they left her 3 dollars.

3 dollars. Five hours. Sixty cents per hour.

So, while these assholes took up one of this waitresses tables for five hours she was losing every tip she could have gotten. To throw some random numbers out; Courtney and I were at our table for maybe 30 minutes. If everyone eats in around 30 minutes then that table could have handled 10 parties in those 5 hours.
My bill was something like $12 or $15 so figure maybe a $3 tip each. That’s $30 she could have made and instead she made a tenth of that.

How fucked up is that?

Anyway, yea, assholes.

This weekend was Courtney’s birthday party at my house and it was a smash hit! She has a post about it at and pictures on Flickr.

The party was a ton of fun and there was a great turnout. I lasted till around 3am and apparently quite a few people kept rocking till the breaka-breaka dawn. Woo!

Last night we went and had dinner at PF Changs and then saw 300 at the Cinemark VIP Room. 300 was really good, and really bloody. I thought it was a little cheesy at parts, but still excellent.

Trip planning is going slow. I am kind of seized up because I feel like I can’t get things wrapped up at home fast enough. Trying to work through that. I still have no place to keep Sonja and I haven’t begun to move things into storage. I also need to get my immunizations. The immensity of what I have to do before I go keeps making me hide from getting anything done. And the whole money issue is terrifying. So there’s that.


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  1. Well, I just had to comment on the most recent post, being a waitress myself. This is what we do for our living… we ***wait*** on you, we keep your drinks filled (i.e. coffee, tea, juice, soft drinks, beer, whatever … and believe me, there are some guzzlers out there!) we bring you clean plates, silverware, straws, etc. We sometimes have more than ten, yes ten, or so, tables at a time, depending on where you work. But after you are gone is where the real work comes into play. We stack up all your dishes and glasses and attempt to take them to the kitchen without slopping it all over ourselves (and we usually fail at that), we then wipe up after you, sweep up after you and your 3.5 or so kids (not to mention wiping out those highchairs), all after you have gone and left us $1 or $2 — HEY, ever heard of 15 percent??? We make just barely over $2 an hour guys, we don’t get MINIMUM wage like everyone else!!!

    I walked up behind some people today as they were leaving one dollar (one LONE dollar for four people who stayed about an hour) and I heard one of them say “should we leave her more? did she deserve it??? One of them threw another dollar on the table… and I smiled and said “thank you so much” as we have to do being the humble folks that we are.

    I could say more but I will restrain myself and smile as usual.

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